Lumberton neighbors worry about decline of neighborhood

Lumberton neighbors worry about decline of neighborhood

Robeson County, NC (WMBF) - Some of the people living off Yedda Road in Robeson County say the neighborhood's problems are getting out of control. Drug problems and break-ins are a common thing, but now some say Monday night's break-in may have been the final straw.

"It's getting worse every day," explained one man who asked to remain anonymous. "As all the good folks are either dying or moving out, your young, bad are moving in."

The once middle-class neighborhood is now a place where neighbors say break-ins likeMonday night are common.

Just after 10  p.m., a neighbor said he heard five gunshots from a home just down the road. He told WMBF News he looked out the window and saw a car speeding away.

"I came out here and sat on the steps about 5 or 10 minutes and I never heard any sirens," he said.

Other neighbors say police eventually came, and blocked off the road.

A report by the sheriff's office says one man was found shot inside the home. Just down the road, a suspect was found dead in the victim car and two other suspects showed up to a local hospital with gunshot wounds.

This worried residents of the neighborhood, but what many homeowners worry most about is the direction they believe their neighborhood is headed.

"We've got young people moving in, selling drugs and the whole element that goes along with it," the man said.

Many neighbors say crack cocaine and prescription drugs are becoming a huge problem in the area. They say those drug problems are also bringing in unwanted people to their street.

"They're looking around, 'Hey I can rob this, I can break over here, I don't ever see nobody home over here, the lights always off,"' said the man.

One woman down the street says break-ins happen often in the area and it's often the same people.

We looked into a recent break-in and found one suspect was recently released from the Polk Correctional Institution in May, Brandon Stephens served nearly seven years for robbery with a dangerous weapon.

"Neighborhood's just went down the last few years, and it's not just a place to raise a family anymore," the neighbor said.

Many other neighbors shared similar stories with WMBF News but wanted to remain anonymous. They say they are too scared to become a target in the future.

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