Haunted house provides tips to keep thrill seekers safe

Haunted house provides tips to keep thrill seekers safe

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Some of you thrill seekers may be headed out to one of the many haunted houses around the Grand Strand and what you wear to a haunted house matters from head to toe.

Employees say haunted houses are a gold mine of lost phones, clothes, jewelry and especially shoes. So dress simple, because you never know when you might get a sudden spook.

"We collect probably hundreds of flip flops up here every summer and people run right out of their flip flops and they don't come back to get them, they're afraid to come back to get them. I would really suggest a closed toe shoe," explained Chris Walker, owner of Nightmare Haunted House.

The best way to avoid looking for your child inside is to hold on to them.

"I put my hands on his shoulders where we couldn't see so I know where he is because we had no light, so we'd know where the group is," explained Conor Myrick who frequents haunted houses.

Nightmare Haunted House stays up to date with all of the latest safety measures. But the most common accidents inside these fright zone are out of their hands.

"Pretty much any haunted house you go to you'll see signs all over the place, 'no running, no running.' You're verbally told no running. But you know when instinct kicks in, fight or flight, you find out most people, flight takes over," Walker explained.

Workers anticipate people running inside after a big scare. To avoid someone running into a wall or a flight of stairs, they build in an area to cool down .

If you're not ready for a big scare, Ocean Front Merchants Association is hosting fright nights along the board walk and it's free.

"The zombie zones, the zombie things that are going on around town, that's not part of the paid admissions to any of these attractions. It's just something we do for the customers for the guests that come to the boardwalk," Walker said.

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