Conway Medical Center follows Ebola protocols

Conway Medical Center follows Ebola protocols

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Conway Medical Center healthcare workers were briefed by the CDC and DHEC with precautions and the latest guidelines on treating public health issues. The announcement comes amid the fight against Ebola virus.

The center said it is capability of managing and isolating a suspected Ebola patient in an isolation room.

CMC staff have been in contact with both agencies via conference calls, according to a spokesperson. The following information was released by the medical center:

Conway Medical Center Ebola Update 10-17-14

• Screening all patients for travel history in Emergency Room and Physician Practices

• Screening and rapid assessment at all points of entry to the hospital

• Staying up to date with weekly conference calls from DHEC

• Continuous contact with Duke Infection Control Outreach Network, CDC, DHEC and updating procedures and training as these organizations issue changes

• CMC's goal is "zero harm" of our healthcare workers and patients

• CMC ensures that timely and accurate information on Ebola will be distributed to employees and physicians (through CMC Intranet and email)

In addition, we have posted signs at all entrances to the facility stating:

Please read the following and tell staff immediately if you have recently:

?Traveled to West Africa, especially Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria or any other countries where Ebola is present


? had contact with someone who has recently traveled to West Africa and has been ill;


? had close contact with bats, rodents, or primates from West Africa;


? If you have had a fever.

The three most important elements when managing an Ebola patient are having effective screening, protection and infection control procedures in place.

Our hospital has the capability of managing and isolating a suspected Ebola patient in an isolation room. Our hospital has appropriate protective equipment (PPE) for our staff, including a full body suit and gloves which are fluid-resistant or impermeable, highest level of respiratory protection will be utilized while caring for the suspected Ebola patient (PAPR), Patients will be placed in a negative pressure room, Removing PPE now includes an enhanced and detailed step by step disinfection of the hands with specific sequencing for removal of each piece of equipment, A Buddy System for donning and doffing of PPE and patient care, Designated area for donning and doffing, Establishing a core group of Health care workers that will be trained to care for the suspected Ebola patient. We also follow CDC infection control guidelines for monitoring and managing access by anyone who enters the room, and we have strict procedures for cleaning and disinfecting.

For additional information, visit the CDC website.

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