Healthcare-related company could bring more jobs Florence

Healthcare-related company could bring more jobs Florence

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - More jobs could soon be coming to Florence, but this time, that move could happen within city limits.

A new company is showing some serious interest in moving to the City of Florence.

If that company chooses Florence it will set up its headquarters here and pay its employees between $50,000 $60,000 a year.

"Anytime there is economic growth job growth, that's good," marketing rep Larry McKeehan said.

The company, which is being nicknamed "Project Cowgirl," could bring 153 jobs to Florence and make a $75 million dollar economic impact in the area.

At this point, not much can be said about this move because it's still in negotiations, but we were able to find out what type of business it does.

"It seeks to identify companies that they can improve the healthcare offerings for their employees through assisting them in enrolling in programs that are more cost effective," Florence Mayor Stephen Wukela explained.

Mayor Wukela says historically, companies bringing massive amounts of jobs tend to locate outside of city limits because of space needed for growth.

"This is somewhat new in that you've got a large company that is bringing a large number of jobs, but don't need the massive acreage that industrial prospects need," Mayor Wukela said.

Wukela adds that the revitalization and economic development happening in downtown Florence is one of the reasons the company behind Project Cowgirl is considering moving in.

"Now we are building the cultural amenities that allow us to beat out other communities and now they have become a draw," Mayor Wukela said.

Florence insurance agent Larry McKeehan has noticed.

"Obviously, if it brings new jobs and is attractive to people like myself that come into Florence, it may be a place that I want to stay, eat, do business - that type of thing," McKeehan said.

Florence County is also trying to help.

On Thursday, they will consider adding their own resources to an incentives package being put together to rope in Project Cowgirl.

"It should be said that this deal isn't done, and until it's done, we are not going to claim success yet. I do think we can be encouraged by the fact that we are having these conversations," Mayor Wukela said.

If that company does come to Florence, it is expected to bring more than $3 million with it in building or rehabilitating a space.

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