Car smashes into parked car, sending it straight into home in Myrtle Beach

Car smashes into parked car, sending it straight into home in Myrtle Beach

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Residents on Stonebridge Drive in Myrtle Beach said a driver swerved into their yard, crashed into their car, slamming it into the garage.

"For something like this to happen, it really opens your eyes,” said victim Sam Yarbrough, “You don't want to see anyone to get hurt. Fortunately enough, it was late at night, nobody was out."

Sam and his wife woke up to their car smashed into their home in the Stonebridge neighborhood. Someone hit their car, which was parked in their driveway, and sped off, but left remnants, including a pink chevy sign and major damage to the car and garage.

The damage to the Yarbrough's car is estimated to be about $10,000 and take a month to fix, but the fear instilled in the neighborhood is infinite.

“If it were to happen in broad daylight, with people walking, their dogs or kids waiting to get on their school bus, things could get really bad,” said Yarbrough.

Car mechanics at Fender Mender, working on the car, estimate the driver going double the speed limit in the neighborhood, which is part of the big issue. The neighborhood has become a shortcut between Highway 707 to Palmetto Pointe Boulevard.

Speeding has been a concern, but neighbors never thought it would be taken this far. 

Neighbors say there are signs up from time to time and cops on the ends of the streets, but they don't see the impact. Neighbors have taken matters into their own hands. One neighbor even installed surveillance cameras, on his home. It was on those cameras, he captured video of cars driving swiftly through the neighborhood.

A new concern for neighbors is hit and runs, which seem to be a common issue across our area.

"We see a lot of hit and runs,” said Justin Griffin, owner of Fender Mender. “Whether it be just in a parking lot at a store. We've done a few that were hit in the driveway."
The homeowners hope this experience will be an eye opener for everyone. In the meantime, a report has been filed with South Carolina Highway Patrol who says this is an active investigation.
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