Neighbors in Dunes Cove and Dunes Club search for answers after string of break ins

Neighbors in Dunes Cove and Dunes Club search for answers after string of break ins

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - After several break ins, neighbors in the Dunes Club and Dunes Cove communities are searching for answers.

The most recent break in happened last week on Twin Oak Court. Guitars, autographed pictures, and a computer were some of the items stolen from the home. Other homes in the area have lost guns, knife sets, jewelry, and more after break ins that have been taking the neighborhood by storm since September.

Several police reports were filed this month. Myrtle Beach Police Department's Captain David Knipes explains detectives are currently working to go through hours and hours of surveillance footage from the cameras located at all of the entrances.

However, because the break-ins keep happening, residents are beginning to wonder if those cameras are enough to keep them safe.

The first crime took place about a month ago. The first victim explained the suspect didn't make the smoothest exit, after they accidentally left the keys in one of their cars

"They pretty much peeled in out of the driveway but they went straight, straight into the bushes, rather than turning to get out of the driveway," Rhett Fife explained.

Fife says he's never been so thankful for his parents' difficult driveway.

One woman says she lives next to the home where the first break in happened, and several down from the most recent. She says weird, unexplainable things continue to happen. Last night, she received two back to back phone calls after midnight.

"And I tried to ask if anyone was there and nothing came back, and then all of the sudden this heavy breathing through my speaker phone, and then I said, 'Can I help you?' because I thought maybe there was an emergency in the street and no body answered," the woman said.

At Tuesday night's neighborhood watch meeting, Myrtle Beach Police Officer Henry Bresadola listened to homeowners' concerns.  He assured them detectives were pursuing a few leads, but Fife says he goes out around 1 a.m. every night to check things out now.

"You feel like your privacy is constantly, just being taken from you. Every single night I have to worry if someone is out stalking around the neighborhood," Fife explained.

Fife says frustration is beginning to build as more homes are being hit.

"They're just beating the system here, we're looking for them, we're trying to find them, we know they're there, but nobody can find them. They're just slipping right through our fingers," Fife said.

If you know anything at all, you are urged to call the Myrtle Beach Police Department at (843)-918-1300.

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