400 new jobs to come to Dillon County

400 new jobs to come to Dillon County

DILLON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - On Tuesday, Dillon County announced a new manufacture is moving in, bringing 400 job positions with it.


a manufacturer of large titanium, will be establishing its newest operations in Dillon County.

The county has been in talks with the company for about a year now.

About three months ago, Wyman-Gordon started looking seriously into setting up shop in Dillon County.

Up until that point, the manufacturer had looked at neighboring counties, but Dillon County leaders say they offered a deal that couldn't be turned down.

“It's made history in Dillon County, something that we have never had come to Dillon before,” Councilman Andrew said.

Signed, sealed and delivered: 400 new jobs and a $115 million impact to an area known for having one of the worst unemployment records in the state.

“Our unemployment rate is about eight percent,” Tonny Mcneil, Executive Director of Dillon County Economic Development said.

"That's why this deal was so important for the county."

Getting Wyman-Gordon, a company that makes titanium and other metal parts, came at a cost.

The SPEC Building, located along I-95, will be home to the new plant. It cost Dillon County $2.5 million and was given to the manufacturer as part of a lengthy incentives package.

“The key to it was having a spec building, 50,000 square foot that was expandable to 300,000 square feet,” Mcneil said.

Wyman-Gordon also got 60 acres of free land with infrastructure improvements in place.

That package also includes incentives for Dillon County.

The company must put those 400 jobs in place within five years.

If that happens, some of the millions in incentives will have to be returned.

“Really our main objective, and it's been our objective since day one, is for every single citizen in Dillon County that wants a job to have one,” Mcneil said.

Those who are able to snag one of the open positions will be paid between $18 - $19 dollars an hour.

“If they come and are qualified from other counties, then they are going to be able to come and get a job,” Andrew said.

And to help get people in our area with little experience one of those jobs, the company will pay for training through Florence-Darlington Tech and North Eastern Technical College.

There is no word on when those positions will be filled.
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