Consider This: The Great Southeast Shakeout

Consider This: The Great Southeast Shakeout

We talk a lot about being prepared in case our area is threatened by a hurricane. We don't talk a lot about what to do if we experience an earthquake.

Consider This:

On Thursday North and South Carolina will participate with several other states in the Great Southeast Shakeout. In certain fire situations we learn to "Stop, Drop and Roll." For an earthquake it is "Drop, Cover and Hold On" and it is meant to help protect your head and neck from falling debris.

Just like the hurricane preparedness, we hope we never have to use this information, but it's best to be ready. At 10:16 Thursday morning you can practice the "Drop, Cover and Hold On" drill with millions of other people in what will most likely be the largest earthquake drill in our region ever. For more information on participating with your family, your business, your school or other organization check out, or click here for a printable guide in PDF format.

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