Keep bugs where they belong: out of your home

Keep bugs where they belong: out of your home

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Your home could become infested with insects that don't like the cold, it's important to take steps to get homes pest-free and make sure it stays that way through winter.

It's easy to miss creepy crawlers coming into your home until they've already set up camp. Pest extermination experts say there are ways you can avoid that happening.

"Some of the most common bugs we see in the wintertime are ear wigs," according to Joey Davis, who owns AAA Pest Control. "We see baby palmetto bugs, we see some species of ants, certain types of roaches, that will get in through the winter time to escape the cold or the ice if we happen to get some this year."

One way you can keep bugs out of your home in the wintertime is to keep the yard clean. "Get those leaves away from your house and out of your mulch," Davis said. "I know it's convenient to sweep it into the mulch and add to the mulch, but what it really does is create a bug house. The bugs get up under the leaves, they stay there for the wintertime and they also go into your house for food."

Keep your bushes and hedges trimmed in the winter. If they're against your house pests can use it as a bridge to get into your home.

And check your door and window seals. "If you have your front door closed and you look from the inside out and you can see daylight, then bugs can get in." Davis says to buy caulking to seal them up. "The bigger the gap, the bigger the pest that can get in. So if you can get a pinky through there or a pencil, that means a mouse can get in."

And it will save you on your electric bill when it comes time to heat your home.

Lastly, keep your gutters clean. "Ants love gutters," Davis warns. "And if you're having an ant problem in your home, a lot of times they'll be actually living in the gutter of your home versus in the ground."

If you try these things and still end up with a pest problem, it may be in your best interests to call a local exterminator.

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