Startek officially open for business and hiring in Horry County

Startek officially open for business and hiring in Horry County

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Local and state officials attended Startek's ribbon cutting. The call center will supply the county with more than 600 new jobs. 

Startek officially opened their doors after Monday afternoon's ribbon cutting.

Many officials, both county and state, attended the event. Presidents and CEOs of HTC, Santee Cooper, Horry Georgetown Technical College, County Chairman Mark Lazarus, as well as Governor Nikki Haley. 

The Vice President of Operations for Startek, Mike Sears, explain's they've been anticipating this event. 

"A welcoming for Startek and a thank you to the community for welcoming us is really one of our main missions here today, So it's pretty exciting and we're glad to be here," Sears said.

Startek has hired just over 160 people, so far, but they plan of filling 600 positions. Positions, the Vice President of Marketing, Rosemary Hanratty, explains will not be basic customer service jobs.

"What it is, is that it's a mindset of coming in and helping people. It doesn't matter who the client is, necessarily. What you're focused on is ensuring that the customer walks away happy, and that you have represented the client in the best possible way," Hanratty explained.

Both Hanratty and Sears explained Startek is not your average call center and they use what they call 'brand warriors' to go above and beyond.
"You might see them with face paint, and they take it seriously because their warriors for our clients," Hanratty said. 

As Rosemary Hanratty, the VP of Marketing for Startek explains, these brand warriors aren't your average employee, and Startek is not your average work environment. 

Gyms, huddle rooms, bright walls, magic markers for new employees to sign their names on furniture, are just some of the things that make Startek a bit different from your average work environment, and as Governor Haley explained in her ribbon cutting speech, Startek could have chosen to go anywhere.

"There was kind of this sense of family in Myrtle Beach that we did not find in all of the other markets. We like a good family atmosphere, we're a little bit different than other outsourcers, or we'd like to think that we are. So that's why we chose Myrtle Beach," Mike Sears explained.

The new location will also be the start of Startek's newest and largest venture, healthcare. As of now, Mike Sears explains, Startek's clients include cable and business based services. Sears is in charge of their new healthcare operations.

"We'll have, hopefully, some pharmacy companies in here doing some work. We're going to be doing a lot of nurse triage, a lot of hospital work, in addition to that we'll be doing some health insurance work, payers if you will. Along with some provider work, so it's really going to be a wide net in terms of healthcare jobs," Sears explained.

Sears also explains they are trying to provide a second home for their employees as well as provide opportunity.

"We're not just asking people to come in and work one job. We're going to have growth paths for people and again in healthcare that's going to be important," Sears said.

Startek is also based around giving back to not only their own employees but the surrounding community as well. 
"We have our own internal program called community matters, where we will go out and work with habitat for humanity or any sorts of things that the local community needs, we're big on supporting that," Sears said. 

If you are interested in applying to Startek head to Startek's official website

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