Annual Little River Shrimpfest brings in record breaking numbers

Annual Little River Shrimpfest brings in record breaking numbers

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - The 10th annual Little River Shrimpfest had a record breaking number of visitors.

Tens of thousands of people swamped the streets Saturday and Sunday. It's something Little River doesn't experience often, but locals are cashing in on the week long congestion.

170 vendors lined Mineola Avenue and Waterfront Drive for the Shrimpfest. It's the most amount the festival has ever had.

Jackie Runyon, owner of Krazy Crème and Candy said, "We ran out of milk shakes. We had to run up the street and go beg for two gallons of milk from a local store. We got the last two gallons they had!"

The unexpected large crowds came after the Little River Chamber of Commerce stepped up their advertising strategies.

"We did a big marketing campaign to attract visitors to come in on the shoulder season," said Jennifer Walters, Executive Director for Little River Chamber of Commerce.

The festival had more sales Saturday than they did over two days last year.

"We expected it to be a lot smaller, not as wide spread. A lot of crafts, a lot of great music, the food is out of this world," said Wanda Torrey, visiting from Vermont.

Many curious visitors just like Torrey said while browsing for things to do in Myrtle Beach, they came across the festival online.

"There was a listing about the festival and we were in the area. We're just down in Myrtle Beach so we popped up here and gave it a visit," explained Sean Sipe, visiting from Pennsylvania.

Profit from the huge turn out of vendors and visitors all goes to the Little River Chamber of Commerce. Since Little River is unincorporated to Horry County, the Chamber of Commerce reinvests all funds right back into the town.

"We take what the community wants and try to answer those needs," Walters said.

One of the first projects Little River Chamber of Commerce plans to use money from this event is to install security cameras along the waterway, then after that, they will begin gearing up for Christmas decorations.

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