Family marches through Conway for son behind bars

Family marches through Conway for son behind bars

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - A local family is upset with their son's conviction and is taking it to the streets.

The family of Jamar Antonio Huggins rallied in Conway calling for justice and claiming his innocence.

The family says Saturday's march was all about getting support throughout the community for Huggins.

They met at Collins Park in Conway and marched to city hall, and now plan to move forward with a petition for the state to let him appeal his case.

"I believe that the jury did look at him, a young black male, dreads, and just stereotyped him and just said 'guilty,'" explained Dinedra Smith, Huggins' sister.

Huggins' family says there is no evidence that places him at the crime scene and they say one witness even said it wasn't him.

Horry County Solicitor Jimmy Richardson met with the family and says in any court case, the defense has every advantage since they don't have to prove anything.

"Despite the family's objections, Huggins was found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, a retrial isn't necessarily in Huggins' future," Richardson said.

So with Huggins on their minds, friends and family marched through Conway to give him and others like him a voice.

They say they've done everything they can up to this point, but they believe they could use a little help from the community.

"We just want to reach out to the community and get more people involved that yes, sometimes the system does railroad us and we need to stand up against it," Smith explained.

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