Locals start petition against Marshwalk fireworks

Locals start petition against Marshwalk fireworks

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) – The pop of fireworks was all that locals around Murrells Inlet dealt with every Monday night all summer.

To fix their problem, they tried asking the restaurant owners to stop the weekly event and they tried complaining to the Sheriff's Department, but they never thought asking the county would be an option.

That is, until they learned it's been done before.

"Beaufort County down in the Hilton Head area banned fireworks in unincorporated areas for over 30 years and it's been successful down there," exclaimed Gary Weinreich, one of the petitioners.

After doing more research, they decided a petition would be their starting point.

"It's very limited in scope but it eliminates most of the problems that the residents have been concerned about," he said.

Those behind the petition say the fireworks are disruptive to the locals and the environment, but the restaurants say Monday nights are slow and the fireworks bring people through the door.

"There's decisions that are good for the businesses, there's decisions that are good for the residents, and there's decisions that are good for the environment and the inlet," Weinreich said.

The marsh walk group is behind the fireworks and says it still hasn't decided if they are worth it.

One restaurant owner said business really improved on Mondays, but the hassle with locals is making them reconsider. His biggest worry is the precedent the ban would set for the county.

"We just all need to come back together again and be good stewards of the inlet," Weinreich explained.

One thing both sides agree on is starting a dialogue.

The marsh walk group will meet next Tuesday about the fireworks, and county council hopes to meet with them soon afterwards.

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