Restaurant Scorecard: Six restaurants make the grade

(WMBF) - Six restaurants earned grade A ratings in Myrtle Beach, Hemingway and Little River from the Department of Health and Environmental Control. However, a restaurant earned 91 out of 100, despite opening just weeks ago. Waffle House, located on Frontage Road in Myrtle Beach, scored 91 out of 100, an A rating.The restaurant opened last month in September.

There were quite a few violations at the new breakfast joint, but it looks like they've all been taken care of.

Some things noted by inspectors: the chili and sausage gravy was not being held at the correct temperature, neither was the diced cooking hams.

Another deduction was for chemical bottles and degreaser stored above food. Chipper Grill, located on Highway 17 North, also earned 91 points, which is an A rating.

Inspectors said the inside of an ice machine was dirty, and protein items in the prep cooler weren't being held at the correct temperature. In addition, certain areas like the underside of prep tables were dirty, according to DHEC notes.

The BBQ joint in Hemingway, Kenny's Bar-B-Que, Inc., located on North Main Street earned three points shy of a perfect score. The restaurant scored 97/100, an A rating.

Top of ovens weren't clean, walls behind ovens were also dirty and a defect in ventilation hoods that prevent dripping, caused inspectors to dock points.

Mr. Fish Restaurant, on North Kings Highway, in Myrtle Beach had a dirty ice machine, according to investigators. The sushi rice was not being held at the right temperature, according to reports. There was also a hole in one part of the floor in the dish washing area, reports state. The violations cost the seafood spot nine points, earning Mr. Fish a grade A, 91 points out of 100.

In Little River, DHEC agents visited Florentinos, located off Big Barn Road. Bulk bins weren't labeled, lids from pans were stored in the ‘splash area,' some foods were being held at the wrong temperature, but investigators said the violation was corrected. Florentinos still made the grade, by scoring 96 points out of 100, which is an A.With a score of 97, Lombardos Italian restaurant in Myrtle Beach earned an A. Investigators noted a deflector plate wasn't installed properly on the ice machine. In addition, reports stated the glass on a refrigerator was broken, and there was wood in the wait station that wasn't painted or sealed in the shelving area.

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