Golf course announces closure in Horry County

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Heron Point Golf Club announced the closure of its course to local residents. 

Residents of the Myrtle Beach Golf and Yacht Club community received a letter from their Board of Directors saying the management of the course has decided to close and they will be closed by December. 

Many people that live in the community said they feel blind-sided because of the course's recent success. 

"They have been making progress over the last 7 or 8 years, and improving the quality of the course. It's looking very good now. We had a lot of hope that every year it was going to improve more, and now we're devastated," John Pettazoni explained. 

Pettazoni is a member of the golf club. His home, is off the green. He says the golf course is the reason he decided to buy there. 

"We were actually golfing on the course when we saw the house that we now live in." Pettazoni said.

Other residents in the area wonder how the course could be closing and worry it could affect the area on a bigger scale. 

"So, we're concerned also about our tourism, this is our industry, this keeps our businesses open," Lynn Stephens said.

Lynn and her husband have lived in the neighborhood for about 9 years. They feel Myrtle Beach is a golf destination and question why another course would be closing. 

We've left several messages for the Heron Point Golf Club trying to find out why they would be closing the course. Right now, residents say it's been a rumor mill. 

"There's so many rumors flying, we want to talk to the powers that can give us the facts to tell us what's going on," Lynn Stephens said.

The unknown reasoning behind the closing is sparking a growing concern within the community. 

Once a perk, the golf course now has some residents worried for the future, worried for what might happen. 

"We're wondering what it might do to our property values because this area does draw so much golf," Lynn Stephens said.

Some fear the property could be let go, and become overgrown or turn in to more housing, taking away the view that's been so peaceful.

"It's potential that I'm going to look out my back window and see somebody's laundry flying from their own backyard someday," Pettazoni said.

Now, the letter did tell residents there would be a meeting on October 28th, but some worry the decision there has been made and there's nothing they can do to change it. 

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