Construction to roll out soon on Glenns Bay Rd



priority on RIDE II Program, drivers on Glenns Bay Road want the project to become Horry County's number one priority.

The project to widen and pave a three-mile stretch of Glenns Bay Road is estimated to cost $80 million. Funded one penny at a time, locals feel nickeled-and-dimed over the time of the project.

“If I had a nickel for every time I got asked ‘When are they going to start' I'd be able to take 2 weeks off,” shared Johnson Turner, the owner of the Barber Shop on Glenns Bay Road.

While the cuts are quick and the conversations are kind inside his shop, the scene outside is much different: ruthless traffic.

“You have to know when to get over to the left, when to get over to the right, and when to stay in the middle, it is like an obstacle course,” explained Turner, while his client nodded in agreement.

Drivers have to maneuver between bumper-to-bumper traffic to bumping over potholes.

“The sides of the road are ate up. The patches they do put down, they come right back up,” said Turner.

On Thursday, crews with SCDOT were out on Glenns Bay Road patching up some of those potholes. Drivers want to see the whole road overhauled, and want the project to get the green light sooner rather than later.

In November, the county has plans to issue a contractor notice to proceed. Clearing activities and utility relocations will begin in late 2014. It's a roadblock that business owners can't wait to see crossed.

“When they get three lanes out there it is going to make it a lot better. More businesses are on Glenns Bay now,” said Turner.

Plans for the widening project include putting a five lane cross-section from Interchange to Spanish Oak Drive, the lane drops in eastbound direction at Spanish Oak Drive, and a 3 lane cross-section from Kessinger Drive to US-17 Business.

While work continues behind the scenes to get this construction project up and running, the county still expects the project to wrap up by the fall of 2017.

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