Suspect testifies in CCU murder trial

Suspect testifies in CCU murder trial
McDonald takes the stand | Brennan Somers
McDonald takes the stand | Brennan Somers


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Jurors began deliberating for the murder trial of CCU student Anthony Liddell. Two suspects have been charged with Liddell's murder, including Stephon McClain and Marquis McDonald.

The trial that will determine McDonald's fate began Tuesday, October 6.

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During the fourth day of the trial, McDonald took the stand.

McDonald said he knew Liddell for two years and made prior drug deals before the shooting incident. He testified that Liddell and McClain started arguing during a drug deal on the day Liddell was fatally shot. McDonald said the argument got very "heated."

In his testimony, McDonald said, “McClain pulled a gun out to show Liddell that he could take his weed, Liddell said ‘You ain't taking nothing.'”
According to McDonald, McClain and Liddell fought back and forth with the gun. Then, the gun went off.
McDonald said the first shot happened inside the car.
“The next shots came when Liddell was standing outside the car trying to pull gun away from McClain,” McDonald testified.
He said he saw Liddell walking away from car, and didn't think the victim had been wounded when he left with McClain inside car.
McDonald said he found out Liddell had died after calling a girlfriend. That was also when he said he realized police were looking for him that he turned himself in.
When asked what happened to Liddell's phone and the gun allegedly used to shoot Liddell, McDonald said he has no idea.
McDonald said he had no intent to harm, steal from, or kill Liddell.

During the cross examination, McDonald acknowledged that he lied to police with original story, and stated he is telling the truth, now.
The jury began deliberating at around 1:40 p.m. Half an hour in, jurors asked to see pictures of the white SUV that was at the crime scene of CCU shooting.

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