Golson, Irish prepare for Tar Heels

SOUTH BEND, IN (WMBF) - Notre Dame hosts North Carolina this weekend at 3:30. The game will be on WMBF News, and Myrtle Beach native Everett Golson will be under center for the Irish. Though four years ago it seemed as if the jersey he would be wearing would be flipped.

Back in high school he originally committed to the Tar Heels to play both football and basketball. The decision to switch his commitment and completely leave basketball behind certainly was difficult, but he has no problem now with a focus on the gridiron in South Bend. He is a candidate for the Heisman Trophy, and the Irish are 5-0 and ranked sixth in the nation.

"I kind of had a struggle with it, with my first love being basketball and going into a focus of football and things like that," Golson explained at Notre Dame's press conference on Wednesday. "I just prayed about it. Talked to my family, had time to think about it. During that time (in 2010) the (North Carolina basketball) investigation was going on, but yeah, I just prayed about it and it turned out to be the right choice for me."

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