String of break-ins in Myrtle Beach leaves neighborhood concerned

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A string of recent break-ins has several Myrtle Beach area neighborhoods concerned about their safety.

Neighbors in the Dunes Cove Community are scared. Recently, several of their cars and homes broken into, and now many are worried their property will be next.

One neighbor had both her cars broken into, while the garage door was up, and her family was inside. Company credit cards and a tablet, are missing, but she says the thieves also stole her sense of safety. Several neighbors say they've walked out to ransacked cars.  

A homeowner has even boarded up his door after guns, checks, knives, and jewelry were stolen from his home. Another incident happened a few weeks back, car keys were left in a vehicle and the car was found the next morning in the bushes.  

Neighboring communities in Grand Dunes, Providence Park and Pine Lakes are also noticing similar crimes around their homes.

WMBF News obtained video from a homeowner, who actually caught an attempted burglar on tape, in daylight. You can see them try to get in and out of the house, several times. High impact glass is what kept them from being successful.

Both Myrtle Beach and Horry County police say they don't have records of arrests in these cases.

The fact that a burglar could be on the loose, is leaving many on edge.

"I am very concerned,” said car-theft victim Robin Russell. “I have four children that live in this house, I mean this is a family neighborhood but we worry about the welfare of all the children in the neighborhood.”

Neighbors of the Dunes Cove community say they want to get this information out there, so you can keep your family safe. They are having to take extra precautions locking up, and leaving their lights on. The community has been vigilant about making sure these crimes come to an end, but neighbors say their efforts can only go so far.

So far, neighbors have cameras set up outside the community to keep track of cars coming in and out.

When WMBF News was in the Dunes Cove community, there was a police presence. Capt. David Knipes with the Myrtle Beach Police Department, says when police have availability, they're keeping their eye on the community, detectives have been present.

You don't have to become a victim of a robbery, you can get prepared. 

For example, police say these car break-ins have been happening overnight, and some of the cars are even being left unlocked. The takeaway - lock up your car and don't keep valuables visible.

Russell wants people to learn from her mistakes and realize crimes like this happen everywhere, even in our own backyards.

"In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you're kind of I guess in a little bubble that you think everything is okay and its not like a large city somewhere, but I think our lesson here is crime happens anywhere and it's really kind of scary,” said Russell.

A reminder for those who own beach houses, as you leave for the winter, lock up and take valuables with you. Police say, often, its not until people return back to their vacation homes, that they start hearing of break-ins.

Don't be afraid to report these kinds of crimes to police either. The people of Dunes Cove actually keep a string of emails going, to keep each other informed. Neighbors say that use of communication has them feeling a bit more safe.

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