CCU murder suspect could learn fate on Thursday

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Wednesday marked the third day of testimony in the murder trial of the man accused of shooting and killing a CCU student last year.

Marquis McDonald faces 30 years to life in prison if convicted of murdering Anthony Liddell.

Wednesday's testimony focused mainly on what McDonald told investigators during questioning right after he turned himself in to police just a few days after Liddell was shot and killed at an off campus apartment complex.

SLED Agents called to testify said the day after that shooting they developed McDonald as a suspect in the case and went throughout the area knocking on doors and speaking to those that knew him.

McDonald's family later brought McDonald into custody.

He was transported to CCU's campus for questioning but on the ride to campus investigators said during testimony that McDonald would not stop talking about what happened even though he was told to stay calm and to not speak.

When McDonald got to CCU for questioning the violent crimes investigator said McDonald was read his Miranda Rights and eventually gave his account about what led up to the shooting.

That account details how McDonald, Stephon McClain, and the victim Anthony Liddell starting fighting in a car after meeting up for an apparent drug deal when Liddell was shot. McDonald maintains that he is not the person who killed Liddell.

During cross examination, the defense asked the SLED investigator if he has any doubt that McDonald was the one who shot and killed Liddell. The agent said based on his statement he believe McDonald is responsible.

At the scene of that shooting early last year police did found an iPhone. At first investigators though it belonged to Liddell but later on a D-E-U agent who took the stand said investigators found a picture of McDonald on the phone which led them to believe that phone belonged to him.

Then once they started reading the text message conversations, the DEU agent told the court that in the days and hours leading up to the shooting the owner of the iPhone was communicating back and forth with a contact by the name of "Coastalboybud" in reference to a several hundred dollar drug deal.

During the DEU agent's testimony, it was revealed McDonald previously had signed up to be an informant with the agency. It wasn't specified the extent of the capacity.

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