Request withdrawn for Myrtle Beach amusement park amid city council meeting

A big crown attended the meeting Wednesday. | Source: Lisa Gresci
A big crown attended the meeting Wednesday. | Source: Lisa Gresci

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A request for an amusement park in Myrtle Beach has been withdrawn during a city council meeting Wednesday.
The request to withdraw was made by Robert Shep Guyton. Guyton is the attorney representing the amusement park developer.

The planning commission received over 125 letters regarding the amusement park. Since the amusement park idea was proposed, many neighbors voiced disapproval.

A big crowd attended the meeting Wednesday to speak out about their concerns. 

Many of the people lived in the Grand Dunes Community, Dunes Cove Community and other surrounding neighborhoods. 

They and the planning commission both planned on starting a long, back and forth, discussion about the proposed amusement park but the discussion was over before it even started. 

Before Shep Guyton took the stand, the planning commission went through the proposal up to this point. 

Guyton approached the podium, he explained their team has worked hard to try to come up with possible solutions to the issues risen by the community but after two meetings with the surrounding communities, they soon realized the issues may be too great to fix.

"However, after the two public meetings we're convinced that the PUD approach is one those neighborhoods do not agree with therefore we're withdrawing this request," Guyton announced. 

The crowd, cheered, some gave Guyton a standing ovation.

Some say it's safe to say the entire room was in shock.

"I was very shocked, pleasantly shocked at his announcement, as I think virtually everyone in the room was," Tom McKinney said. McKinney lives in the Grand Dunes community.

As surprised as they were, Steve Diehm, who also lives in Grand Dunes community, always questioned if developers or the planning commission would go through with something so controversial.

"It was just a bad idea, it was the wrong idea in the wrong lot," Diehm said.

The abrupt announcement exceeded the expectations of many.

"I thought we had a long fight ahead of us," McKinney said.
Joe McNally lives in the Dunes Cove community. Also, near the Myrtle Beach Shrine club.

"I thought we were going to be here all day to debate the pros and cons and I'm happy to say it was over in about five minutes," Joe McNally said.

Planning Commission Chairman, Derrick Mozingo, admits he's never seen anything quite like what happened today.

"I think the proper decision was made today and I think it was a win, win for the community, for the neighborhoods and I think this developer realized that and this developer will go out and look for another piece of proper" Monzingo explained.

Other board members showed concern for an opportunity lost for the city of myrtle beach. But Mozingo is confident they may see that developer pop up with a plan in a different lot.

Rusty Watson with the Shriners club, said because of such opposition, they knew the amusement park plans were no longer achievable and he told me they do have a plan B, many in fact.

He explained developers are approaching them and the space will be filled.

Watson said one of the prospects is a chain restaurant and there have been many other offers. 

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