Businesses set up shop on the south strand

Businesses set up shop on the south strand

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF)- More businesses are choosing the south strand to open their doors and business owners feel the area is in high demand. The Sayebrook Town Center off of Highway 544 is seeing new construction and contractors say another shopping complex will be going in across from the Petco, Marshalls and Target.

Businesses that have recently opened their doors in that area say business is booming.

Lincoln Park Bar and Grill opened their doors in May. The owner, Jason Sturkie, said they were looking up and down the Grand Strand.

"There's three to four good subdivisions around here, a lot of businesses around here. And when we did some research on it, the traffic that goes by here every day, especially in the summer, it was kind of a no brainer," Sturkie explained.

Lincoln Park is just off of the 17 Bypass. Almost just across the way is more development.

Next to the Taco Bell, on 17 Bypass south, are the beginning stages of construction where a new Steak 'n Shake will stand.

Sturkie said it's been a trend since they've broke ground.

"Just from October to the time we've opened I've seen three or four new places in the neighborhood open up, or in the area," Sturkie said.

Some locals agree the area seems to be a gold mine for some, if they can handle the competition. For example, Lincoln Park Bar and Grill used to be a Chili's Restaurant.

Locals say new business and housing developments have gone hand in hand.

"They're still building houses down here and of course the Wicked Stick is going; they're going to build houses up there. There's just a lot going on," Richard VanFossen said.

Over at Sayebrook Town Center, contractors on scene said an Ulta Beauty and a Rack Room Shoes are all set to go in.

Moe's Southwest Grill opened here a few months ago.

Owners say it could be one of their best locations, and more stores means more business

"I think that's going to be excellent for us. People coming in and doing some shopping in the afternoons and lunch time," Tripp Livingston said.

Business owners used the same phrase to describe the types of customers they see in the area.

"You get the tourism and the locals as well. Kind of the best of both worlds," Livingston said.

"It's really the best of both worlds because in the summer you have the overflow with tourists so you're busy with the tourists but at the same time we create an atmosphere for the locals and for the locals to have year round," Sturkie explained.

As for Sayebrook Town Center, aside from Ulta and Rack Room Shoes, contractors on scene said three more spaces will be available for lease and they will all be up and running by early spring or summer of next year.

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