Witnesses give testimony in CCU murder trial

Witnesses give testimony in CCU murder trial

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Marquis McDonald silently walked into the courtroom Tuesday to hear everyone else's side of the story.

He is accused of murdering CCU student Anthony Liddell last year outside the University Place Apartments.

“Anthony was a young man when he got killed,” said prosecutor Travis Hyman.  “Just 19 years old. Just a sophomore in college.”

After opening statements, prosecutors brought several witnesses in front of the jury.

One of those was Amanda Lee McTaggart.  McTaggart went to CCU and was visiting her friend's apartment.

She parked outside and saw something out her rear view mirror.

“It was very aggressive, at first I thought they were just friends hugging and then I saw fists being thrown,” McTaggart said.  “It scared me a little bit.

She then heard what sounded like one gunshot.  Unfortunately that wasn't it.

“So you're watching the fight and you hear two more gunshots?” Prosecutor Brad Richardson asks while banging on the table twice.

“Yes sir,” replied McTaggart.

“I froze up,” she said.  “I thought that the kid was going to shoot me too because my car was still on.”

McTaggart says she blacked out.  When she came to, she ran up to Liddell and tried to help.

“I was focused on telling him to stay with me,” she said.  “I was looking into his eyes.”

Infinity Henderson also heard those same gunshots.  She ran to her window and saw what McTaggart couldn't see.

“He fell on the sidewalk and didn't move,” Henderson said.

Jamie Nicole Plyer was also inside the building.   She says she saw Liddell struggling while a car peeled away recklessly.

After cross examination, all the girls were dismissed and prosecutors moved on to investigators at the scene. 

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