Jury selected in 2013 murder trial of CCU student

Horry County, SC (WMBF) – The jury was chosen in the murder trial of CCU student Anthony Liddell on Monday.

Marquis McDonald stands trial for the shooting death of Liddell.

Horry County Solicitor Jimmy Richardson says a pool was first narrowed down to a group of about 40 people. They had to answer several qualifying questions about their qualifications and several statutes.

Once those 40 people were chosen, both sides had the opportunity to strike, or dismiss, jury member. Per protocol, the defense gets 10 strikes and the prosecution gets five.

The defense used two strikes while filing motions. One strike was because one juror had a sister who was a victim of a violent crime, and the other was a victim of a robbery.

After selecting a jury, lawyers fought over pretrial motions. The biggest argument was over McDonald's written statement from last year. McDonald provided that statement after he turned himself into authorities last year.

He maintains he did not shoot and kill CCU Student Anthony Liddell. In the statement, McDonald says he and his friend Stephon McLain, or "Black" went to meet Liddell to buy marijuana.

He says McLain then pulled out a gun and the three struggled. A shot went off but McDonald says it wasn't the shot that killed Liddell.

After getting out of the car, McDonald says he got back in, punched McLain in the face, and then left and drove off. He says he heard another shot as he was driving away.

The only motion the defense filed was for the statement to not be used as evidence. The judge denied that motion though, saying the statement was a free and voluntary decision.

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