Restaurant Scorecard: 3 restaurants on Broad St. in Loris get As

(WMBF) – On this week's Restaurant Scorecard, eateries in Myrtle Beach, Loris, and Conway all got near-perfect scores from the Department of Health and Environmental Control, but one Chinese restaurant in Conway received several violations on its re-inspection.

American Hero Sub and Bagels, on Broad Street in Loris, got 89 points out of 100 during its inspection, earning it an "A" from DHEC. Inspectors deducted points because an employee drink was on a table without a lid or straw, hands were being washed in the three-bin sink, the inside of the ice machine had a build-up of grime, food was stored on the floor of the freezer, and the three-bin sink, ventilation hood, front counter shelf and floor had build-ups of grime.

After a receiving a 78-point "B" rating from inspectors last week, Panda China Buffet on Church Street in Conway scored 89 points during its re-inspection this week, earning it an "A." Inspectors made note of the following violations: the sanitizer at the dish machine was less than 50 parts-per-million chlorine, the probe thermometer was not accurate, crates were being used to store broccoli, the pre-rinse sink was not clean, the lighting at the buffet tables was not shatterproof, several food items were not stored at the right temperature, and the previous DHEC inspection grade was not posted.

Santino's Pizza on Broad Street in Loris received 91 points out of 100, earning it an "A" score. DHEC stated in its report that a thermometer was not provided in the fridge, the chest freezer lid was in poor repair, the three-bin sink had a leak, the base board was in poor repair, and the three-bin sink room light was missing its cover.

Cannoli's Café on Kings Road in Myrtle Beach scored a near-perfect 98 out of 100. Inspectors noted that the coffee heads had a build-up of coffee.

Tokyo Express on Broad Street in Loris received an "A" score with 98 points out of 100. Two points were deducted because the faucet on the hand sink was in poor repair.

Road Rooster on Spadoni Park Circle in Conway also scored 98 out of 100. Two points were deducted because the counter under the steam well and the floors at the fryers were not clean.

View the full DHEC Inspection Reports in PDF format by clicking the links below:

Cannoli's Café:'s.pdf

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