Gov. Haley announces Bullying Prevention Month

COLUMBIA, S.C. (NEWS RELEASE) – On Wednesday, Governor Nikki Haley issued a statewide proclamation designating the month of October as Bullying Prevention Month.

The proclamation is a part of Gov. Haley's anti-bullying initiative, meant to bring awareness to all South Carolinians of the harmful effects that bullying can have on a young person's self-esteem and future success.

Upon taking office in 2011, Gov. Haley began receiving letters from children and parents across the state seeking help dealing with the issue of bullying. As a result, the governor started touring schools across South Carolina in an effort to raise awareness of the problems that can result from bullying and educating students on the best ways to directly address and prevent it from occurring.

The proclamation recognizes how detrimental bullying can be to the goal of having our schools serve as safe, positive learning environments where children have the opportunity to better themselves through education.

"Far too many of our children face the negative consequences and fear of bullying every single day and that is something we all should be working to end," said Gov. Haley. "It's our job, as parents and as leaders in our communities, to make sure we're doing everything in our power to allow our children to grow up strong and confident."

Gov. Haley encourages all South Carolinians to work together to raise awareness of the problem in an effort to keep our schools and communities free from bullying.