Nearby residents speak out against amusement park on Restaurant Row

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Local residents are speaking out against plans to build a new amusement park on restaurant row.

Some neighbors from the Grande Dunes community say the solutions they've heard so far sound more like bandages for issues that could affect their everyday lives from here on out.

Neighbors explain Grande Dunes is a gated community filled with lavish homes.

Lots are being sold, and the development is growing.

Tom McKinney lives in the neighborhood and worries everything will change once an amusement park is built just across the waterway.

"It's going to devalue, not only the lots that have not been built on, but also the lots and houses people have invested, in many cases, their life savings, retirement, you name it, to live here, hopefully in peace and quiet" McKinney said.

The view from Patrick Talty's home shows a straight shot of where the amusement park would be - something he feels he did not sign up for.

In a letter he wrote to the planning commission, he expresses why he chose this lot of land.

He feels the amusement park would make his dream home uninhabitable and unsellable.

The attorney behind the project, Robert Shepard Guyton, did not return our calls.

However we spoke with him at the last Myrtle Beach Planning Commission Meeting.

Then, he was working to fix sound and light concerns.

Grande Dunes residents say he met with many of them last week.

"Everything looks great on paper. You can make anything look any way you want on paper. But until you actually put it up, and put it in operation, you're not going to go," McKinney explained.

In our last conversation, Guyton told us they've hired a sound specialist. But some neighbors say sound is magnified across the waterway no matter what.

McKinney described the sound of go-carts as "up to 50 gasoline lawnmowers, running full throttle, on a go-cart track, 2 levels, 35 feet above the ground, up to 11, 11:30 at night."

Plans indicate the amusement park will have a two-story go cart track as well as a Farris wheel and some rides. Overall, neighbors say it's a fine idea, but the placement is off.

"But its not appropriate across a major housing development, where there's nothing between it and the development to kill the sound. You've got water and that's it,"McKinney said.

Some neighbors from the Grande Dunes community say they will be attending the planning commissions hearing on October 8.

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