Consider This: The Loop

At the recent Special Events Summit there were law enforcement representatives from across the country. It was a great way to get feedback from people who have dealt with similar situations that our community is facing Memorial Day weekend. One suggestion that has worked in other areas is a traffic loop to better control the crowds. That's something that local leaders are also proposing, but the length of the loop is up for debate.

Consider This:

2015 will be a learning experience and the plan will have to fluid so it can be tweaked before, during and after the event and that includes the traffic loop. One of the summit speakers shared that a shorter loop is a better option. Myrtle Beach leaders, however, are suggesting a 40 mile loop. Experts say it will be difficult to control and a much bigger expense to provide law enforcement for that extended area. Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus is proposing a shorter loop, about 9 miles, which is more manageable. But there are also questions about that route because of the type of roads and areas where the traffic is routed.

Some type of traffic loop is smart and it's good that the dialogue is taking place now when there is plenty of time to adjust the plan. Local officials would be wise to take the advice of people who are suggesting a shorter loop. And whenever that final loop is set it would be wise to test it before Memorial Day weekend arrives.

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