Grand Strand WSA seeks water tank in growing area


AYNOR, SC (WMBF) – The installation of a water tank could provide additional fire-coverage to a growing area in Aynor.

During Monday's Infrastructure and Regulation meeting, the committee met with officials from Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority. GSWSA is seeking permission from the committee to install a water tank project near Highway 319.

"The plan is based around the potential growth of Cool Springs Business Park," said Christy Everett with Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority. "At this time, there is adequate water coverage for fire protection in the area, however, down the road we want to make sure we can continue to provide service."

Everett pointed out the property in which the Cool Springs Business Park is built on cannot support the project, it is not physically nor economically feasible to build the tank directly on that land.

"The company is now looking at the Michael Morris Graham Athletic Fields instead," Everett explained. "It is feasible and close enough to Cool Springs to provide coverage."

Through studying the wetlands surrounding the athletic fields, it was determined there is enough space for the county to expand its ball fields. Everett believes the tank can be built and maintained without interfering with the fields and the surrounding community.

The committee briefly discussed the issue, seeing no impact to the county financially and does not believe installing an elevated water tank will hinder the community.

As one committee member put it, there doesn't seem to be any problems, just benefits.

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