Aynor Police Dept. gets $60k grant for new cruisers

AYNOR, SC (WMBF) - In Aynor, you'll soon see two new police cruisers on the road, thanks to a nearly $60,000 grant. Inside those cruisers, the latest technology will be helping police officers and neighboring communities.

"This is the first time that we've ever been able to purchase two vehicles and completely outfit them with the things that officers need to do their job," says Tony Godsey, the Project Manager for Aynor Police Department.

Aynor will soon be operating with six full-time police officers. Two of the vehicles in the current fleet are old and need a lot of work. Godsey says he considers them at the end of their road. He applied for the grant back in January and was notified his department will be receiving the money. With the new cruisers, each officer will have a car.

"We'll spend a lot less time with repairs, breakdowns, things such as that," Godsey says. "So it should make us much more efficient as a police department with having better equipment."

Aynor has about 570 full-time residents.  Godsey says officers spend most of their time enforcing traffic laws and working accidents. But the new reliable cruisers will afford the department the ability to help other local agencies.

"In the town of Aynor, and the Sheriff's Department and Highway Patrol, there's several times throughout the day, throughout the month, weeks that we all help each other," Godsey explains.

So when the county has a situation close to Aynor, Godsey says "a lot of times we're called in to assist. So obviously you want to make sure you've got some of the best equipment, some dependable equipment to be able to get to those calls as you're needed."

It's still being decided which kind of vehicle the department will go with; a car, SUV or truck. Godsey says the new vehicles should be arriving in early 2015.

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