Consider This: Pelicans Affiliation

Catching a Myrtle Beach Pelicans game is a favorite of many locals and thousands of visitors. The Major League affiliation may not be the top reason that people go to games, but the right partnership can certainly help.

Consider This:

When the Pelicans were affiliated with the Atlanta Braves it was a perfect fit for our region. However, that affiliation ended a few years ago when Chuck Greenberg, owner of the Pelicans, became involved with the Texas Rangers. It made business sense to become a Rangers affiliate even if the fan base didn't have a strong connection with the team.

But now the team is making another change and even though they are not going back to the Braves, they are becoming affiliated with a team that has a much stronger player development program and a much stronger following with the thousands of people who vacation here from the Midwest.

Congratulations to the Pelicans on the Chicago Cubs partnership. Maybe the success the Pelicans have experienced over the past few years will rub off on the major leaguers and break the Curse of the Billy Goat.

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