Consider This: Puppy Mills

In a special investigation WMBF News uncovered that South Carolina doesn't have much power to control or punish people who operate puppy mills. In fact, some large commercial breeders are taking advantage of the lax laws, producing litters with an emphasis on quantity and profit over quality and health.

Consider This:

As more and more states add regulations to crack down on these operations, some of the large-scale breeders are migrating to states like South Carolina with weaker animal cruelty laws.

Thirty states have some sort of licensing requirement or restriction on commercial breeding facilities. But here in South Carolina, Anderson County is the only one in the state that has passed an ordinance that concerns commercial breeders.

For now it's up to you; if you're considering a puppy purchase you need to ask the breeder to see where your puppy was raised and where the mother and father are kept. It should be a red flag if they don't want to show you.

And if you buy a puppy that gets sick consider filing a complaint against the seller if you feel they are not meeting the basic level of care for their animals. With enough complaints and media exposure hopefully state leaders will realize they need to pass legislation to shut down these operators and help stop the abuse.

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