Data from the 15th Circuit SCLEN checkpoint in Surfside Beach

Source: SCLEN
Source: SCLEN
Source: Surfside Beach Police
Source: Surfside Beach Police

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Surfside Beach Police Department held a multi-jurisdictional public safety checkpoint operation Friday night on Glenn's Bay Road from 8 to 11 p.m.

The checkpoint was staffed with officers from throughout the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit. Officers from almost every law enforcement agency in Horry and Georgetown counties participated in the operation.

A total of 28 citations were issued during the operation on Friday night. Five people were arrested and three vehicles were towed, according to 15th Judicial Circuit Law Enforcement Network After-Action Report.

Below is the collected data of the After-Action Report of Friday night's operation:

Driver's License Violations: 5 (4 No DL in Possession, 1 No Valid DL)

Vehicle License Violations: 4 (3 Expired Registrations, 1 Use of a Plate on another vehicle)

Equipment Violations: 0

Driving Under Suspension: 2

Driving Under the Influence: 0

Illegal Alcohol Cases: 0

Illegal Drug Cases: 5 (Three Simple Possession of Marijuana/2 PWID Marijuana)

Child Restraint Cases: 0

Safety Belt Violations: 0

Other non-Moving Violations:3 No SC DL, 1 Possession of More Than One DL

Other Moving Violations: 0

No Proof of Insurance: 10

Tint Violation: 0

Other (list): 1 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, 1 False Information to a Police Officer, $2376 in US Currency Seized

Contraband Seized: 3 Simple Possession of Marijuana Cases were made with a total seizure of 3 grams (1 per case), and 2 PWID Marijuana Cases were made with a total seizure of 148 grams (30 grams on one case and 118 grams on the other).

Asset Seizure Amount: $2,376 in US Currency was seized

Total Citations Issued: 28

Total Arrests: 5 Arrests (4 Males, 1 Female)

Total Vehicles Towed: 3

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