Restaurant Scorecard: Inspectors find flies, roaches, mouse droppings at local restaurants

(WMBF) – This week, mice droppings, flies, and roaches were found at local restaurants by inspectors with the Department of Health and Environmental Control during their routine inspections. Read on to find out who made the grade and who didn't on this week's Restaurant Scorecard.

Carver's Bay Convenience Store in Hemingway had multiple violations that resulted in a score of 83 out of 100. Inspectors noted the following violations: hot dogs were uncovered in the cooler, the can opener had a dirty blade, chicken was not reheated to the correct temperature, cooked chicken was held in the display at the wrong temperature, there was no meat probe thermometer provided, a sanitizer kit was not provided, and the kitchen equipment and floors were not clean.

Gore's BBQ and Country Kitchen in Aynor scored 88 out of 100, earning it an "A" from DHEC inspectors. Among the violations listed in the restaurant's inspection report were: mouse droppings were observed in a cabinet, pots, pans and containers were not properly cleaned and sanitized, the counter was not clean and had peeling paint, the outsides of the bulk food containers were not clean, the glass was cracked on the window by the cookline, and the floor was not clean along the edges of the wall.

Luvan's Old South Fish Camp in Conway also received 88 points out of 100 from inspectors. The report notes: numerous flies and roaches were observed in the facility, utensils, pans, containers and plates were not clean during storage, the fryer basket handles and sink basins were not clean, refuse and recyclables had accumulated inside and outside the facility, and the floors were not clean in several places.

Serafino's in Myrtle Beach scored 95 out of 100 during its routine inspection this week. DHEC inspectors deducted points for the following violations: in-use wiping cloths were not properly stored, the handle on the freezer was in poor repair, the cutting board was not maintained, the lower prep table shelves were not clean, and the floor and wall at the cookline were not clean.

Parkway Bistro in Longs also received a 95 out of 100 during its routine inspection. Although several minor violations were corrected during the inspection, points were deducted because fish was not being properly thawed, dirty utensils were being stored, and walls in the dish and prep area were splattered.

Hibachi Express in Longs received a near-perfect score: 99 out of 100. The only violation noted by inspectors was that the gas line at the gill and the hood filters had a build-up of grease.

View the complete DHEC Inspection reporters in PDF format below:

Hibachi Express in Longs:

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