Ride III Committee on the way to picking new road projects

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Ride III Committee decided each member will choose their top three projects, instead of sticking with Ride II list.

On Thursday night the Ride III Committee had their second meeting. During the meeting they decided each member could choose three top projects. They can be from Ride II or new ones.

In the meantime, another subcommittee was chosen to figure out just how they will prioritize them.

One of the opening statements in discussion was 'What is the objective here?" since the committee is still in it's beginning stages, member John Rohner felt this question was a must-answer.

"Is it to get people in and out of the beach faster? Is it for evacuation purposes? Or is it to move people more safely and faster once they're here?" Rohner asked.

Ride III Chairman, Eddie Dyer, believes before discussing any projects, they must establish a priority rating system. And they want a system of their own, different from Ride II.

In order to do so, they've elected a subcommittee of six to meet separately and decide the best way to go about doing so.

"We have to have a method to our madness, if you will. If we don't look at what is best for the residents in some qualitative fashion and just do it with plain politics, I don't think we've done our job," Dyer said.

Another member, Pam Creech, wants to tackle one pressing issue: growth. She wants to be proactive this time around.

"That is a problem that we are coming to now. That where this growth is we can't fix it and when you can't do that, you create a very dangerous situation for the citizens in this county," Creech said.

The County's Advisory Committee will be putting together a presentation for the next meeting answering Creech's request. It will map out the growth in each area. In the mean time, other members will be honing in on their top three after coming to the conclusion the left over list of 141 from Ride II was far too long. Instead it will be a list of 51.

"Because I know, from what I've seen submitted already, there are projects outside of Ride II, that folks really want to take a serious look at," Rohner said.

Now the committee is calling the next meeting in October an educational meeting. They will be watching two presentations.

The meeting after that, which will be sometime in November, is when they will be presenting their top three lists and a new ratings method.

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