$389K program brings new technology to FSD3

Lake City, SC (WMBF) - One Florence County school district is closing the book on the old way of teaching at school.

Gone are the days of writing and books – new this year, students are using laptops to do everything.

New Tech is not only helping students be more successful in the classroom, but it's also helping them with skills you might not expect.

"We only have projects. It's not like we are writing anything, we are always typing something. It's more projects instead of paper and pencil work," said student Kassie Tealsaid.

The project driven environment is a part of New Tech's Curriculum, which focuses on developing emotional intelligence or soft skills, such as trust, respect and responsibility.

"It actually makes me want to come to school," Teal said.

When a new guest walks into a New Tech Classroom students greet you at the door and tell you what they're group is working on.

"We call the groups more like teams, like they're at a job. Their team members assigned different parts and the students are allowed to sign each other different parts, "said teacher Dominique Martin.

Each team learns every subject taught in school, math, English, chemistry. But it's all done on a Google Chromebook, using real life examples.

"We now have problem based learning and project based learning. Where students are doing real world activities. Our students learning how to relate the activity we do in class to different aspects of life outside the school," Martin said.

This engaged, revolutionary style of learning and teaching is eliminating behavior problems from the classroom and is causing students to be more responsible for their education.

In three years, seventh through twelfth graders in Lake City will be taught using New Tech.

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