Lorenzo Taliaferro adjusts to the next level

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - The last 12 months have been especially active for Lorenzo Taliaferro. A year ago he was in the early stages of a senior season at Coastal Carolina that would end with him tying or breaking 12 school rushing records. He then became a fourth round draft pick of the Baltimore Ravens over the spring, and led the NFL in rushing this preseason with 243 yards. Yet he still views it as all as the beginning.

"I'm still learning," Taliaferro said. "Being a rookie, so much stuff is thrown at you, and you have to progress everyday. It's all about progression so I'm just learning. Playing special teams, trying to play better and move my way up."

Though he admits there's no way he'd be where he is if not for his time spent at Coastal Carolina, and the main lesson instilled by head coach Joe Moglia.

"Our motto was (important)," he said. "BAM. Be A Man. It's every many for himself in the league, and you have to stand on your own two feet and be accountable and responsible for everything."

Perhaps a lesson reinforced to him after seeing details of former teammate Ray Rice's domestic violence case unfold in front of him. Though Lorenzo's opinion of Rice hasn't changed.

"He's a brother," Taliaferro said. "Once a teammate, always a teammate, and that's all I can say on that. Nobody's perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Ray's a good guy."

For now, Lorenzo's focus remains on the team and making it in the NFL, while enjoying the experience. Even if that means his high marks at Coastal are at risk.

"I told him I'm coming for his record," explained current CCU back DeAngelo Henderson. "I told him since it's still up for grabs, I'm going for it. We just laugh about it all the time."

Though Taliaferro doesn't seem to mind that at all.

"He (DeAngelo) is going to be something special for this program," he said. "He tells me that all the time. 'Man, I'm going to break your record.' I joke with him, but all in all I think he's going to do more than break it. He's a talented guy."

The Ravens are 1-1 and face the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Coastal Carolina is now 3-0, and visits Florida A&M on Saturday.

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