Report shows SC drivers at high risk to hit deer

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The risk of hitting a deer while driving in South Carolina may be higher than you imagined.

The odds are not in your favor, especially if travel secondary roads.

State Farm issued its most recent data showing SC drivers are 10th in the nation for deer collision risk, which is twice the national average.

Deer like to feed when it's cooler, that's why we see them more during the fall and winter months. Peak times drivers will see deer are dawn and dusk.

And deer aren't just in rural areas, our coastal areas have construction going on. Deer are forced out their habitats, so they have to go somewhere.

Coming up on WMBF News Today, reporter Katrina Helmer has a list of tips for drivers to be prepared when coming in contact with deer on the highway.

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