Shooting suspect escapes on foot in Robeson County

Hakeem Johnson | Source: Major Anthony Thompson
Hakeem Johnson | Source: Major Anthony Thompson

ROBESON COUNTY, NC (WMBF) - Investigators said a local man escaped from jail barefoot and shackled and now they need your help finding him.

According to the Robeson County Sheriff's Office, Hakeem Johnson is facing charges in a recent shooting and is a person of interest in other shooting incidents.

"I would be scared if I lived in the area, but we're just traveling thorough. So we are just going to jump in the car and head on down to Myrtle Beach and hope he's not there," Ginny Machamer said.

Machamer is visiting from Ohio.

Patrick McNell lives in Robeson County and said he hopes Johnson is caught soon.

"I think that he should be caught and serving jail time for whatever he is in prison for," Patrick McNell said.

Homer Davis also lives near the Robeson County Sheriff's Office and Johnson's escape has left him with questions.

"I don't see how he could have gotten away," Homer Davis said.

Investigators are not saying how 23-year-old Hakeem Johnson got away from deputies on Friday night, while he was being questioned about a shooting.

According to the Robeson County Sheriff's Office, last Tuesday, Johnson had something to do with a shooting that happened in Shannon, North Carolina.

Investigators say during the incident, a woman was home with her two kids when a man started firing at the home.

Several bullet holes were found at the scene, yet no one was hurt.

The sheriff's office says that's not the only shooting incident Johnson is connected to, but wouldn't go into detail about the other cases.

"What rules and regulations are there for processing criminals that someone could just run away?" Davis questioned.

A spokesperson with the sheriff's office would not go into details about Johnson's escape, but we do know he was not inside the detention center when he got away.

Johnson was last seen wearing a black shirt and dark pants.

He weighs between 150 and 200 pounds, stands six feet tall with shoulder length dreads.

"I don't see how he could have actually outran [authorities] with chains on," Davis said.

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