Smoke-free environments becoming a local trend

Conway, SC (WMBF) – Smoke-free environments are making national headlines and we're seeing this trend become more common along the Grand Strand.

Smoking cigarettes are dwindling down because there are fewer places that allow smoking on their property, like at Coastal Carolina University, which in turn is making it harder to buy.

CVS took authority when it comes to the health of our future and removed all tobacco products from store shelves and local businesses are taking note of those health conscious trends.

Myrtle Beach is the only city along the Grand Strand that still allows smoking in restaurants and bars. However, some restaurants in downtown Myrtle Beach choose to regulate smoking, like Moe Moon's on Ocean Boulevard. 

Moe Moon's does not allow smoking inside the restaurant during the day because families dine there. In fact, the bartender noticed the majority of smokers are the older crowd.

This is CCU's first year as a tobacco free campus and students are noticing less students smoking this year.

The inconvenience of having to leave campus to go smoke is the key of getting smokers on the path of quitting. If students are caught smoking on campus they'll get slapped with a $50 fine or warning. The majority of students said smoking isn't trending among kids like it did years ago and to help whine those who do smoke; CCU is launching its first student smoke free clinic this Tuesday, September 16th.

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