Atlantic Beach officials release 2014 Bike Fest Report

ATLANTIC BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The 2014 Bike Fest brought in more than $50,000 for the town of Atlantic Beach.

The total income generated by the event equaled nearly $100,000, according to an official report.

Town leaders spent $48,134.45 in expenses, which left $51,137.55 in total revenue.

The greatest expense was cleaning up the event; the town spent $13,620. Portable toilets cost the town more than $10,000, the report shows.

Other expenses include $4,714.45 for an electrician, $3,327.31 for golf carts, $1,565.41 for soda.

Expenses related to police include $1,000 for "rental for law enforcement" and a $115 "water bill for law enforcement."

To host the event, it cost the town $2,400 in hospitality fees and $2,356.17 for tower lights.

Property owners were paid $2,500.

Auditors were paid $1,000 to review vendor fees.

Nearly 40 retail vendors, 31 food merchants and six vendors selling alcohol raked in the most revenue for Atlantic Beach, totaling $80,453.

In addition, $9,500 was brought in by rentals and $9,319 was contributed to the town to host the event.

Bike Fest was held during Memorial Day weekend.

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