Lamar parent outraged at school paddling policy

Darlington County, SC (WMBF) – Just days ago, Eric Doran's seven-year-old son brought home a letter from the principle at Lamar Elementary School. The letter asked for the parent's permission for the principle to paddle their child as a disciplinary possibility in the future.

Doran still has not returned this letter to his son's principal. In fact, he was shocked his son had to bring it home in the first place.

"We don't do this to criminals, why would we do this to our children?" asked Doran.

What shocked him even more is that corporal punishment is legal in the state of South Carolina.

While it may be allowed, many districts we contacted tell us they do not allow their schools to use corporal punishment like paddling or spanking. Darlington County school district is one of the few in the area that still does and released this statement today.

"Parents must give permission in order for a principal to administer a paddling, school district spokesperson Audrey Childers. "Even with permission from parents, paddling is usually a last resort. It is one option for a small percentage of students."

"In 2014, you see somebody strike their children at a Walmart and the police are called but our officials find a need at times to paddle our children," said Doran.

Doran says he refuses to sign the piece of paper that could allow another person to lay their hands on his son. He plans to speak with the principal about the letter and he has already contacted state and local lawmakers.

He believes there are many more ways to teach kids a lesson.

"Striking a child or beating a child I don't think is going to do anything but turn them into monsters," he said.

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