Myrtle Beach mayor refuses to talk to WMBF News

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach city council is publicly talking about bikefest safety for the first time since May. However, the mayor of Myrtle Beach refuses to talk to WMBF News, which means he is knowingly withholding information that you -- our viewers -- residents, neighbors and business owners have the right to know.

WMBF News got our first look at the outline of the safety plan Council and Myrtle Beach Police put together for next year.

Council noted five issues that need to be confronted at the meeting.

Traffic, both foot and traffic on the roads, including emergency vehicles is a major concern.

New medians on Ocean Boulevard made it tough for responders to travel. Emergency lanes will be added as a solution. Plans for traffic along Ocean Boulevard to move southbound was also noted. In addition, plans to separate pedestrians from traffic was discussed.

Council also found law enforcement needs to be more visible.

Suggestions for business owners to hire private security was also mentioned by the council.

Litter has re-emerged as a problem. The city plans to call for trash pickup twice a day to control the problem.

Myrtle Beach Chamber President Brad Dean attended the meeting Tuesday and said he believes the city's outline is a good start.

While covering today's developments on the Safety Plan for Memorial Day Weekend, WMBF News reporter Lisa Gresci asked Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes for an interview to discuss the issues.

He refused, saying he will not talk to WMBF News in an on-camera interview. Further saying, it is because Ted Fortenberry is the General Manager.

Ted has done several editorials asking for the city's response to the deadly violence on Memorial Day weekend and asking for transparency from city leaders as they move forward with a safety plan.

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Mayor Rhodes did give interviews to the other media, which deprives you -- our viewers -- of being fully informed on public decisions, actions and safety plans that directly affect every person who lives, works and vacations here.

Our mission as a news station is to ask questions, expose problems, get answers and be the voice of our community. That is also the responsibility of our public officials. We will continue to seek information and provide the most accurate and balanced stories on issues that impact you both positively and negatively.

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