Myrtle Beach leaders estimate $1.65M to cover Memorial Day weekend magnitude cost

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach city leaders met to discuss safety measures for the Memorial Day weekend holiday. The discussion was part of the council's meeting Tuesday.

Nearly $2 million has been estimated to cover the magnitude cost, according to the agenda.

The following issues were noted on the agenda:

Leaders addressed five main issues shown through during our review of last year's event:

1. The Ocean Blvd emergency lane needs to be re-established. The redesigned Ocean Blvd with its center pedestrian islands, hampered emergency response.

2. The pedestrians need to remain separate from vehicular traffic. As traffic stalled, pedestrians came out onto the street.

3. Law enforcement needs to be visible. Last year, police were lost in the crowd. Crow needs to see police to feel safe; police need to see each other.

4. Litter has re-emerged as a problem. We cannot wait to clean once a day.

5. Some private property owners are not managing the crowds on their property.

Litter, the number of arrests, towing, private property and personnel were among other key points discussed at the meeting.

Leaders estimate the following figures to total $1.65 million:

Equipment, like: barriers, turning signage, message boards, cones and cameras would cost roughly $800,000.

Pay for local personnel equals $600,000, including overtime wages. To pay state officers, city personnel and local assistance overtime wages per diem is an estimated $150,000.

An estimated $100,000 would cover miscellaneous costs, such as final cost of barrier transport and security guards.

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