Consider This: VA Investigation

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been in the national spotlight because of the poor job it has done caring for our Vets. In a WMBF News investigation we uncovered that the issues are not only national, they are happening right here.

Consider This:

It was a black eye for the VA and a breach of faith for millions of veterans who rely on the health care system. Despite the backlash the VA is receiving this year, Charleston and its six outpatient clinics -- including Myrtle Beach -- are seeing more veterans than ever before.

With more patients, comes the need for more resources. And there is good news regarding more assistance. Charleston and Myrtle Beach should expand operations in the coming year and area VA facilities are also adding more staff.

Our Veterans served to protect us and defend our freedom. The least we can do is provide proper care. Things are improving, but there is still a lot more to be done. And now that the neglect is exposed, hopefully this situation will never happen again.

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