Dog remains found in empty lot in Horry County

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The bones of two small dogs were found by local workers after they noticed a dog kennel in an empty lot across the street last week.

The kennel was found on Newcastle Loop off of Queens Harbour Boulevard.

Local workers from an office across the street first noticed the kennel on Wednesday afternoon.

They say one of their patients came in and told them about it after walking her own service dog.

Deon Gibson works in the office and she went over to see for herself. She says when she looked inside the kennel she saw what appeared to be the bones and fur of a small dog.

There was also a blanket, and a water bowl with the animal.

Gibson says the area is heavily populated and people walk their dogs through that park all the time.

She says she and her co-workers have been in and out of the building several times a day, and haven't noticed the kennel across the street even though it's in plain view, and it makes her wonder how long the kennel could have been there.

Gibson says she called animal control, but was told there wasn't much they could do.

Lt. Kegler from the Horry County Police Department further explained because the animal was found on private property, they could not send the county's service that usually picks up dead animals off the street.

He also said they could not send animal control because there were worries that it could contaminate the trucks they use to transport live animals.

Gibson was told by animal control they would still send someone to check it out, but when she arrived to work on Thursday morning, she says she was sad to see the kennel was still out there.

"I wanted to cry, like I said, we all want to bury it. we've thought about taking it back behind our office and just burying it and having a little service for it," Deon Gibson said.

Gibson and her co-workers have since removed the remains and buried them.

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