Consider This: Police Body Cameras

Consider This: Police Body Cameras

The police department in Ferguson, Missouri received body cameras as a donation from a private company. And just to our north, some North Carolina police departments are also using the devices.

Consider This:

The cameras are worn by officers and record all of their interaction with the public. Based on what happened in Ferguson, and similar situations in other places, having these cameras would help investigators.

As Myrtle Beach begins planning for Bike Fest 2015 these cameras should be considered standard issue for every officer. It will help end much of the "he said, she said" disputes that take place over police brutality.

Police officers have one of the toughest jobs in the world. Many of them chose that career because they want to improve the community where they live. However, they often find themselves on the defensive, trying to justify their actions. Unfortunately, that's because some of their co-workers overstep their bounds and abuse their power. There should be zero tolerance for that behavior.

This is one possible solution that protects both the officers and the citizens.

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