CCU not worried after 35 students arrested

Conway, SC (WMBF) - On Thursday night, thousands of CCU students packed into the House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach to party, dance, and make it into a video.

Many shared the fun on social media, but a small number of students who planned to attend didn't even make it in to the event.

Nearly 40 students found themselves in handcuffs for charges, like minor in possession of alcohol and public urination.

"Not really that surprising," reacted John Norris, a freshman that attended the event. "They were hauling them off pretty steadily."

When Norris first got there and saw students being handcuffed, he started to second guess his plans for the night.

"I'm thinking maybe I don't need to be here, maybe I can just hang back and don't get in any trouble."

"You hope students are gonna be responsible, but students are gonna make choices and some of those choices are gonna be better than others."

Debbie Conner says CCU knew about this and other parties that were planned weeks in advance of I'm Shmacked's visit to the Grand Strand. She says the most the university can do is notify police and try to educate young students about making the right choices.

"That could be a career ending situation for some students with that type of video being up if they're featured in that video," she said.

Conner says the university has several programs focused on teaching students about the reality of underage and binge drinking. She says videos like this don't show the real college experience.

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