How to snag the best Labor Day deals

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Long lines at the store are joining our Labor Day traditions of cookouts and time with family. Big-box and local stores are hoping you'll take advantage of end-of-summer deals. But before you shell out that cash, you need a game plan.

If you're looking for a deal, there are items that you should keep an eye out for on Monday. Just as Labor Day weekend is considered the unofficial end of Summer for the tourist season, it's the same for retailers. This is the time of year when they want to get rid of whatever summer inventory they have left to make room for new fall merchandise.

Nerd Wallet, a leading financial advice web site that many savvy shoppers swear by, suggests the top sales to take advantage of on Labor Day include back to school supplies, jewelry, home improvement items and cars.

Car dealerships offer huge incentives over Labor Day weekend because they're trying to get the old inventory off their lots to make room for the new models. Deals that you might see on Monday include zero percent financing for 72 months or cash back deals on 2014 models.

Other Labor Day sales that will save you cash in the long run include school supplies. Any back-to-school supplies that are left over are being severely discounted. So stock up now, stash it away and then you'll be ahead of the game for next year.

Another sale to think about that normally gets looked over is on jewelry. Jewelers are slashing prices for Labor Day, because this is a slow season for jewelers until the holiday gift-giving season starts up. So if you really want to look ahead, buy your jewelry gifts now and you're set for the holidays.

Home improvement stores and big-box stores are also offering steep discounts on all of their patio furniture, grills and beach gear.

When it comes to clothing or electronics, you're not guaranteed the best deal on Labor Day, according to Nerd Wallet. As long as you're buying old summer clothing, those will be the best discounts. But it is better to wait until Black Friday for fall clothing. Nerd Wallet warns that you can still find good deals for electronics if you're shopping online, but if you're looking to buy a TV in the store you should wait until Black Friday.

Savvy shoppers recommend that you scout out the stores ahead of time and stick to the deals that you know will give you the best bang for your buck.

"In Target it's usually in the end aisles," says Marsha Orenci, an avid shopper from Carolina Forest. "It's usually on Thursdays – a special day of the week. So we go and look and look. And we can scan it with our phones now – the prices – if it's a good deal or not. It just all depends on what you're looking for."

If you would like to compare prices on any items you're thinking of buying before you hit the shops, check out the Deal Finder option on Nerd Wallet's web site.

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