DHEC returns to burger joint for a follow-up and finds unwanted guests

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - When you go to a restaurant, before you head through its doors do you ever notice their health score? Next time you head out, take a look, you might see a "B" or even a "C" on some popular Grand Strand hot spots.

One of those restaurants that scored a "B," is Fire and Smoke. Inspectors say they found chicken wings in the walk-in cooler after partial cooking. According to DHEC's report, some of those had a "bloody center." Other notes includes potatoes and shortening on the floor.

Five of the eleven violations were corrected during inspection. The Myrtle Beach Gastropub got a score of an 84 out of 100. Inspectors will be back for a follow-up.

The next stop for DHEC was Ron Jon's.

WMBF News told you last week, inspectors found some consecutive violations at the burger joint. At least four of those violations have not been corrected, including a chemical spray bottle on a prep table, according to DHEC. DHEC's report also says a large number of live roaches were found throughout the restaurant, including on equipment.

While the restaurant scored a "B," a "C," is on its door for not fixing violations from the prior inspection.

Hungry Howie's, on the other hand made the top of the list. It lost one point for an employee wearing nail polish while preparing food but it was taken care of right away. The North Myrtle Beach restaurant scored a 99 out of 100, an "A" rating.

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